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The cutting, crying or cooking!

Organic Onion Sauce for Hot Dogs

Our Story

The only thing bigger than my grandfather’s passion for food was his heart. “Big Lou” would spend hours prepping and cooking each batch of his onion sauce for hot dogs that became a family tradition at parties and picnics. Generations later this secret sauce is available to delight all of your family and friends.

Founded in 2018, our product is currently made in small batches. We started our journey selling at farmer’s markets on Long Island and a handful of retail locations including Zorn’s of Bethpage, NY Marketplace & Brewery District in Westbury NY, Sherry’s Market in Babylon Village and Iavarone Brother’s in Woodbury, NY.

Available in 3 varieties, many people know our onion sauce as a topping for New York style hot dogs. Spicy Onion Sauce is the original, Sweet Onion Sauce is for those who can’t handle the kick and Garlic Onion Sauce is the newest variety that has really taken off beyond our expectations!


Ingredients Matter

What you put in your body makes a difference, which is why Big Lou’s Onion Sauce is made from premium organic ingredients.

Our products are USDA Organic Certified, gluten free, and vegan friendly. Our products are naturally low in carbohydrates with no added sugar and no fat or oils.

As my grandfather Big Lou used to say, you have to cook with love. Our onion sauce is made with thick cut organic onions cooked until tender along with our special blend of organic herbs and spices and a touch of organic tomato sauce.

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As a foodie, I love to experiment with recipes and flavor. As a busy entrepreneur, I try to find quick and easy meals for my family that we can make during the week using mindful ingredients. We are always open to new recipe ideas. The best part of our journey so far has been seeing how our customers use our products. 

What started as onion sauce for hot dogs, Big Lou’s Onion Sauce can be used on anything burgers to slow cooker recipes. You can use our onion sauce as an easy substitute for caramelized onions or sauteed onions without the cutting, the crying or the cooking! 

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